Domed Labels

If you are a business you need to make an excellent first impression. This leaves companies looking for effective marketing strategies. Labelling can be a great way to do this, but getting something that stands out can be hard. It does not have to be this way though when domed stickers are available. They are a great way to market your brand because they grab the attention of customers.

A Useful Item

A domed label is fairly self explanatory. This item gets its name from the fact that it is a sticker printed in full colour with a dome-shape coating of clear polyurethane. They are pressure-sensitive and more permanent than other labels. The adhesive allows you to display the print in a clear and professional manner.

What do businesses use them for?

These labels are a fantastic addition to any item. The fact that they are hard-wearing means they won’t be vulnerable to scratches or discolouration. As a result, you can protect your branding without the worry that you will need to replace them when they wear away.

A domed label or sticker can be very eye-catching thanks to the 3D effect of the dome and the glossy finish. As well as standing out visually, the shape and texture of the product creates an effect that will make the customer want to feel it. This adds to the perceived value of the item and makes it more appealing.

Leading Print Services

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